Australian Defence Apparel Officially Opens Canberra Multi-Function Logistics Hub

Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) has officially opened its Commonwealth Hub in Canberra on Thursday 13 April 2023. The space will serve as a critical multi-functional site for personnel across the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Australian Border Force (ABF) and Commonwealth clients.

ADA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chris Dixon led the official opening and proceedings.

The 5000sqm central Canberra hub furthers ADA’s ability to provide greater efficiencies in total apparel management for 10,000+ personnel. Services include the design and engineering of uniforms and inventory management. Providing an overall improved wearer experience for the members, the space will also accommodate fittings, tailoring, returns and exchanges. To date, the hub has processed over 300,000 items for personnel within the AFP and ABF.

ADA are leaders in uniform technological advancement and total apparel management systems, a first responder core focus spanning defence, law enforcement, healthcare, government and corporate industries.

Chief Executive Officer of ADA, Chris Dixon said: “Centrally located in Hume, our facility is perfectly positioned to best support our Commonwealth clients. The official opening of the ADA Canberra Commonwealth Hub is instrumental in delivering on our commitment to combine leading textiles and new technologies to best serve our diverse clientele. We trust that the ADA Canberra Commonwealth Hub will allow ABF and AFP personnel to receive the highest quality care and service, complemented by high-tech apparel systems offering them an increased sense of pride and allow them to perform their duties with comfort and ease and take less time away from work duties.

“We are delighted to open this state-of-the-art, multi-purpose facility that includes an expansive showroom, store and warehouse facility office space. The facility provides a unique, seamless and special experience for fitting, kitting and distribution,” Mr Dixon said.

All attendees were given a formal tour of the facility, led by ADA CEO, Mr Dixon. There were exclusive opportunities for networking, meet and greets, photos, a first-look official tour of the hub, and refreshments provided.

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ADA supplies menstrual products for NZ Defence Force

Australian Defence Apparel New Zealand have celebrated a successful year working with NZ suppliers in providing menstruation products to the New Zealand Defence Force.

Soldiers in New Zealand were supplied period packs designed specifically to support field work and improve soldiers’ experience during their menstrual cycle while in the field.

ADA NZ which is a subsidiary of Australian Defence Apparel Australia, partnered with AWWA Period Care to produce sustainable period care products and donate profits to end period poverty in New Zealand.

ADA NZ research and development team program director Sarah Pender said the ADA NZ team sourced, supplied, evaluated and procured products to develop period packs for New Zealand Defence personnel.

“This is a positive change for soldiers who previously had no solution, as options were limited to single-use products or were difficult to dispose of while in combat,” Ms Pender said.

“We are proud to help create more inclusivity and to improve the mobility of personnel deployed on the field.

“This is another example of how ADA uses not only textiles and technology to protect our soldiers but is creative in addressing the range of needs for all who serve in the field.”

Made using eco-friendly and reusable products, the period packs include period briefs, reusable/washable pads, menstrual cups and wipes, and dry bags to protect and store the items in wet conditions.

ADA chief executive officer Chris Dixon said ADA supplies uniforms, ballistics and load carriage for military, police and healthcare organisations.

“It is projects such as this that evidence the diversity and evolution of ADA and reinforce our commitment to solving problems for our clients,” he said.

“We will continue to support local suppliers to promote sovereign and onshore capability and look forward to continuing these relationships,” Mr Dixon said.


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