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A multi-brand tactical gear store, LEGEAR procures and supplies leading military, law enforcement, training, outdoor and public safety equipment from more than 70+ leading global brands. With the leadership of dedicated ex-law enforcement, military and industry subject matter experts, the products supplied at LEGEAR are made for action and protection.


Established in 1999, LEGEAR has provided tactical gear to professionals and tactically minded individuals across Australia for over 20years. Our teams equip personnel with the supplies and gear they need to tackle the everyday challenges in their roles. With products sourced from industry-leading brands from across the globe, LEGEAR provides you with the opportunity to always be ready.


In 2016, ADA acquired LEGEAR, outfitting the division with experienced and ex-industry professionals, including former military and law enforcement specialist Jason Semple. Since that time, the range at LEGEAR has become further enhanced for all users.


Jason Semple

With an impressive and diverse career spanning over 30 years, Jason “Semps” Semple is a former Police Special Operations Tactical Operator and Sniper. His experience is characterised by operational excellence, integrity, and accountability in all roles he’s held.

Throughout his career, Semps has always encouraged innovative thinking and research into cutting-edge operational or training practices that benefit client organisations. As a passionate instructor, he’s significantly contributed to organisational development through reality-based training activities backed by academic rigours. His commitment to continuous learning is reflected in his VET and Training Design and Development double diploma.

As a co-owner of Advanced Accuracy Solutions LLC, and a previous Co-Director of Optimal Performance Solutions, Semps has had the opportunity to consult in Australia and overseas. In recent years, his focus has shifted towards the commercial and procurement space within military and law enforcement agencies.

Currently, Semps serves as the General Manager of LEGEAR, a Division of ADA (Australian Defence Apparel). In this role, he drives business outcomes for his division and contributes to larger Military and Law Enforcement contracts as an SME within the greater ADA business. In addition to project management, he leads a diverse team across multiple locations in Australia and New Zealand.

In all aspects of his work, Semps applies the operational ethos honed from his tactical operations experience.

LEGEAR’s Products

With  the licences to import controlled goods, as well as specialised staff trained in ITAR and UK Export Controls, LEGEAR is able to supply our clients with the best in global tactical gear. This includes clothing, footwear, bags and equipment from 5.11, Salomon, Trango, High Gear and more.

Multi-brand Solutions

Today, LEGEAR has a strong online community of over 80,000 at and a store location in Melbourne.

Browse LEGEAR’s range of tactical brands at


Our Partners


Bond University Tactical Research Unit

Nestled within Bond University, The TRU is a network of multidisciplinary international experts who investigate ways to optimise the physical and cognitive capabilities, and safety of tactical personnel – whether military, law enforcement, firefighters, or first responder organisations.


Optimal Performance

(OPS) is an Australian-based innovator that researches, designs, develops and delivers bespoke, evidence based, performance enhancement solutions to a broad range of tactical operations specialists including the first responder community; government agencies; or an industry characterized by the presence of high risk/high threat dynamics in daily operational activity.

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Meet the LEGEAR Team

Jason “Semps” Semple

LEGEAR General Manager

Michael “Cookie” Cooke

National Business Develpoment Manager

Angel Moreno

E-Commerce Manager

Joanna Lay

Content Marketing Specialist