Rescue. React. Restore.


More than just fighting fires, firefighters are first-on-scene 50% of the time, so their uniforms need to be as ready for anything as they are.

Excessive temperatures, heavy impacts and unpredictable circumstances are just factors that need consideration when innovating firefighter uniforms. More than just fire callouts, Firefighters are also involved in complex rescues, medical calls and hazardous chemical spills, each of which has unique needs.
Both the firefighters and their garments are subject to intense stress. It is essential to provide material choices that are durable, flame retardant and comfortable to ensure firefighters are always comfortable and protected.



Multi Hazards

Firefighters are at risk from multiple hazards including carcinogens and bloodborne pathogen transmissions, injury from impacts, falls and heat exhaustion.

Physiological Injury

In a addition to burns, firefighter's can experience heat stress, muscle fatigue, impaired cognitive function and cardiovascular strain.

Restricted Movement

From rescue missions to providing medical treatment, the ability to move unhindered can help save lives.

Hindered Visibility

In dark and smoke filled environments, a lack of visibility places firefighters' lives at risk. Reflective and fluorescent materials are essential.

Evaporative resistance

Breathability and wicking qualities are highly considered and just as important as flame resistance when considering materials in uniform design.


Increased Durability

Materials used in our firefighting uniforms are chosen for superior strength, abrasion resistance, launderability and colour retention. Our stitching on high-stress areas is heavily reinforced to ensure ongoing functionality and safety despite wear and tear and in high-pressure situations. While designed for safety and functionality, internal fit analysis projects and wearer trials are conducted to obtain accurate data on garment comfort and durability.

Intelligent Design

All ADA uniforms are created to protect without limiting mobility or compromising dexterity. Breathable and flexible materials are combined with well-designed pockets and zippers to make gear easy to put on and take off. Ensuring that uniforms and equipment are accessible while worn and during transitional stages keeps firefighters efficient and safe.

Eye-Catching and Identifiable

Reflective trims and visible uniform designs achieve various purposes in fire rescue services. Operating in low light conditions with high visibility helps other fire rescue team members easily see and find fellow team members, making for efficient communication and supporting keeping each other safe. Wearing highly visible and easily recognisable apparel also helps bystanders and crowds to recognise first responders and the vital roles they play in emergencies.

Anti-microbial and Moisture Wicking

Combined with fabric that proactively manages heat and controls moisture before it begins, our uniforms have the same anti-microbial moisture-wicking materials created for NASA. Using both hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres stop water build up, which reduces wet-cling and bacterial growth. Breathable, dry and soft to the touch, our innovative materials create a more comfortable and healthier garment for all wearers. 

Thermal Regulating

Our team are at the leading edge of material knowledge and works to source the most innovative fabric solutions to provide the highest level of thermal stability for each and every wearer. With radiant heat posing an extreme risk, combined with some of Australia’s often severe weather conditions, our materials are chosen not just for maximum flame retardation but for high thermal protective properties to increase safety and reduce fatigue.

Alliances and Innovations

ADA has partnered with Bond University’s Tactical Research Unit (TRU) to conduct research studies on firefighter performance and safety. Through this collaboration, our combined efforts have yielded essential information that we can share with agencies to better prepare and mitigate potential impacts, ensuring the highest levels of safety for firefighters. Our focus on research and development is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge products with the latest technological advancements. By partnering with industry experts such as TRU, ADA continues to lead the way in providing top-of-the-line equipment and clothing for those who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.

Our Clients

Our fire apparel is working in extreme temperatures and conditions from the furthermost eastern tip of Australia across to the western edge providing custom solutions for firefighting services in cities, urban areas and country locations. In addition to well recognised government firefighting agencies we are also proud that our firefighting apparel is also the chosen apparel of the specialised firefighting services within the Australian Defence Force