Prevent. Protect. Perform.


Performing under some of the most challenging conditions, police can find themselves faced with unpredictable circumstances within seconds.

Understanding the needs of police in their varying roles is essential to providing uniforms and equipment that support the changing nature of their needs.  Factors such as climate, terrain and job requirements make the needs of police more than just protection from bullets and other threats. Requiring uniforms that are lightweight, flexible and weatherproof to ensures an officer is able to maintain comfort and  perform decisively in the field.

From mounted police, to tactical units, to dress uniforms we can supply solutions to support every police officer.



Ballistics Risk

Poorly constructed ballistic protection equipment increases danger of lethality to personnel.

Restricted Movement

When seconds count restricted movement and don/doff can mean the difference between danger and safety.

Temperature Fluctuations

In human body, minor temperature fluctuations can prove dangerous to a person's health.

Penetrating Injuries

Risk of penetrating knife injury is increased with non-customised and poor fitting protective equipment leaving areas of vulnerability.

Postural Dysfunction

Excessive load and asymmetrical weight distribution leads to increased exhaustion and debilitating musculoskeletal disorders.

Reduced Evaporation

Moisture build up against the skin may increase the likelihood of bacteria growth, which could cause user discomfort and skin conditions.


User-tested Designs

Working in conjunction with the Tactical Research Unit at Bond University, ADA have conducted extensive research in the impacts of shape, size and materials and how they impact on not just a users comfort level, but their ability to maneuver in a range of real life scenarios. This research allows us to create designs that benefit the wearer in, not just safety, but in day-to-day performance.

Customisable Fit

At ADA we recognise that every body is unique and there is no one-size-fits all solution for uniforms and equipment. In addition to providing multiple sizing options, we support varying bodies through the use of considered pattern cuts and adjustable designs featuring additional padding and stretch materials to make sure that every body has the best fit no matter what they are wearing.

Lighter Weight Materials

Innovating with the most modern fabrics allows us to produce materials that perform in the field without being restrictive or adding extra weight. Our modern fabrics have been extensively researched to ensure they provide multiple levels of protection in each and every layer. Providing multi-faceted solutions within one layer allows us to design for more protection without additional weight.

Thermal Regulating

Our team are at the leading edge of material knowledge and work to source the most innovative fabric solutions to regulate the thermal-eco system of each and every wearer. Combining 3D fabrics to promote air circulation and phase-change materials to regulate temperature allows a wearer to retain their natural body temperature by retaining heat in the cold and dispelling heat when it is warm.

Anti-microbial and Moisture Wicking

Combined with fabric that proactively manages heat, controlling moisture before it begins, our uniforms are made with anti-microbial moisture-wicking materials. Using both hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres stops moisture build-up, which reduces wet-cling and bacterial growth. Breathable, dry and soft to the touch, our innovative materials create a more comfortable and healthier garment for all wearers.

Academic Research and Compliance

Working with world renown academics in Bond University’s Tactical Research Unit we have conducted complex testing measuring core, skin, tympanic and vest temperatures under various conditions combined with robust ergonomic review and Functional Movement Screening.

This independent and ethically proven review process for application and environmental testing ensures validation of our designs, materials and construction methods.

In conjunction with our research, our products comply with the NIJ Compliance Testing Program. Using armour that carries ballistic certifications NIJ0101.06 Level IIIA and  NIJ0101.06 Level III++ and stab certifications NIJ0115.00 Protection Level 2 performance for the S1 Edged Blade.

Our Clients

Our history of working with those in law enforcement is much broader than the multiple state police units we service. While our apparel is protecting police personnel, we are also proud to create unique solutions for others on the front line of law-enforcement including those in the Australian Border Force and Australian Federal Police, Corrections Victoria and the NSW Department of Justice.