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Health Care

As healthcare demands continue to rise, our healthcare providers are under the highest pressure to perform.

Healthcare services on a global scale have found themselves on the front line of the largest health crisis in recent times. In addition to their stressful and demanding day-to-day services, health practitioners have found themselves, more than ever, saving lives.

Firsthand knowledge of the needs of those within the health services helps us to provide functional and comfortable attire to those at the forefront of our health services.



Protracted Shifts

Long shifts, busy schedules and extended hours require long wear periods for all forms apparel and equipment.

Inaccessible Storage

Inability to access or have essential items and small equipment near at hand makes a difference when minutes count.

Health Risks

An ongoing exposure to health risks from physical trauma to biological hazard exposure through fluids and touch.

Low Recognition

In busy locations with varying people including patient and the public, the inability to differentiate staff is problematic.

Additional Laundering

A high laundering schedule is required for both hygiene and the risk of contamination from fluids and touch.


Modern Materials

Innovating with modern fabric technology allows us to produce materials that perform in the field whilst remaining breathable, lightweight and soft to the touch.  Extensively tested, our fabrics combine varying materials and fabric construction methods to produce multi-faceted solutions within one layer allows us to design for more protection without additional weight. These materials also provide air circulation and thermal regulation to support health and comfort.

High Protection Fabrics

Performing in close proximity to patients and other staff increases the potential of biological contaminants. Our research and development team have worked with local manufacturers to create fabrics, in accordance with WHO guidance in the context of COVID-19, that provides effective barrier filtration against respiratory droplets and possesses effective anti-microbial properties from silicone cationic finishing topical agents. These materials provide a higher level of protection for staff.

Visually Identifiable

Our design team strives to create striking and identifiable uniform options. Brightly coloured options make workers more easily identifiable and help with the efficiency of healthcare environments. In high-stress environments keeping healthcare workers distinguishable against patients and other visitors and employees helps keep them safe while they do their job. Providing multiple and customisable colour options can also allow for groupings by location, hierarchy and personal colour preference.

Function Fitting

In high stress situations uniforms need to work with the wearer both in body movement and practical supports. Loose fits and straight leg designs allow for greater movement and air flow, while back pleats and drawstring closures give adjustable and relaxed fits. Wearer feedback has expressed the need for accessible storage in the form of suitable placed patch pockets, front and rear pant pockets, sleeve pen pockets, and lower cargo pockets.

Practical Performance

Easy maintenance has been found to be a key requirement for those in the health industry. While fabrics and designs need to perform under pressure they should also be practical when it comes to care. As single-wear items, health care uniforms are laundered more frequently and need to withstand the additional washer and dryer force. Longer active shits also need fabrics that are wrinkle and stain-resistant to ensure healthcare workers can feel confident in their clothing.


A Century of Experience

With over 100 years in intelligent garment design and textile technologies the research and development team at ADA are experts in creating apparel that it conducive to wearer comfort. In addition to a focus on fit-form-function the team understands the importance of clothing physiology, textile finishes and treatments, emerging technologies and the safety and wellbeing of the wearer to create and achieve a functional solution with maximum comfort.

Our Clients

Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, ADA have worked alongside government health organisations in New South Wales and South Australia to support healthcare workers through the design, creation and supply of protective and practical uniforms. We’re proud to have played a part in supporting those on the font line of health in the midst of such world changing unprecedented circumstance.