Adapt. Assure. Act.


Fast-paced and physically demanding, paramedics are on the front-line of saving lives, all-day, every-day.

In stressful situations having practical, protective and comfortable uniforms allows paramedics to operate with their full focus on the health and well-being of the people in their care. With a wide array of risk exposures from dangerous locations to pathogen hazards, paramedics are vulnerable to both injury and illness in the course of doing their duties.

Like paramedics themselves, their uniforms need to be tough to hold up to the day-to-day wear and tear without compromising on comfort.



Physically Demanding

Paramedics work long shifts in varying conditions with lots of movement often at ground level.

Additional Laundering

Heavy exposure to contaminants in addition to dirty conditions requires a higher laundering schedule.

Low Visibility

Lack of visibility jeopardises paramedics working in crowds, at ground-level or in other hazardous situations.

Risk Exposure

There is a high risk of illness or injury from biological and chemical contaminant fluids from both patients and working locations.

Inaccessible Aids

A lack of access or an inability to carry equipment can add minutes to life saving treatments.


Designed for Comfort

Our passion for human-centred design combined with ongoing user testing allows us to create paramedic uniforms that provide the significant levels of comfort. Body heat is regulated with mesh underarm panels and thermal regulating finishes, while soft knitted fabrics are used to allow for stretch. Features such as elasticated waistbands and articulated knee patches, integrated to allow for knee pads, provide further comfort whilst working.

Strengthened Fabric

Our ripstop woven fabric, created for durability and comfort, combines reinforced stitching in high-stress areas such as collars, yokes and sleeves. These strengthened materials ensure functionality and safety are maintained despite wear and tear. Choosing rugged and hard-wearing materials not helps keep the uniforms’ look but enhances the comfort and longevity in high-demand and high-wash clothing.

Accessible Storage

Moving freely, carrying and accessing equipment is essential to support life-saving efforts. Our wearer research provides essential feedback on what wearers need in the field. Incorporating cargo-pant design features, oversized pockets, side-slant pocket access, and loops allows our uniforms to meet appearance needs but provide functional benefits through the ability to store essentials within easy reach.

Reflective Identifiers

Requiring easy identification and high visibility at all times, our uniforms use reflective tape material in critical positions to allow for maximum night visibility and ensure the safety of both the paramedic and the patient. Incorporating this reflective tape within the core uniform allows visibility without needing bulky protective jackets and safety wear, which can hinder movement and overheat the wearer.

A Century of Experience

With over 100 years in intelligent garment design and textile technologies the research and development team at ADA are experts in creating apparel that it conducive to wearer comfort. In addition to a focus on fit-form-function the team understands the importance of clothing physiology, textile finishes and treatments, emerging technologies and the safety and wellbeing of the wearer to create and achieve a functional solution with maximum comfort.

Our Clients

Responding to more than 1265,142 emergency and non-emergency cases and transporting more than 759,911 patients by road or air each year, NSW Ambulance is supported every day by ADA apparel.