Detect. Defend. Depend.


Operating under the extremes of mental, physical and environmental conditions, Defence Force personnel require military-grade apparel to protect and perform when the stakes are at their highest.

Innovation at every level, from fabric chemistry and construction to streamlined structure and design, allows us to create equipment and apparel that works with military personnel in all roles and situations. Combining camouflage pattern variants with thermal regulating materials and user-tested designs ensures our solutions are adaptive to the users’ needs, comfort and safety no matter the situation. With the creation of apparel suited to multiple military branches, our products are built for various environments, including desert, woodland and urban areas.




Multiple Threats

Varied weapon threats require uniforms that have multiple layers of protection, whilst maintaining comfort and practicality.

Physical Fatigue

Enduring long and demanding periods of activity can lead to exhaustion and postural dysfunction without supportive equipment.

Extreme Conditions

Diverse conditions, temperatures and environments combined with multiple use cases place extreme stress on the wearer.

Varied Requirements

The broad range of service, unit and individual roles dictate specific requirements for comfort, visibility, storage and function.

Elemental Exposure

With world-wide deployment, elemental exposure is comprised of all weather and temperature extremes.


Enhanced Protection

Our clothing fabrics can be developed to provide maximum fragmentation protection whilst remaining comfortable and flexible. Designed to mitigate against small metallic, sand, soil and organic particles that are typically produced during Improvise Explosive Device (IED) and other explosive events, our advanced materials can reduce the severity of injuries caused by these small fragments, which leads to improved treatment and recovery.

(Image: CPL Nicole Dorrett)

Flexible Ensembles

Working with all branches of the military, ADA has been instrumental in the development of flexible solutions that perform across varied conditions. Moving between ship and shore, or air and land, our ensembles provide layered options that use diverse materials to create lightweight, quick-drying combinations to combat all conditions. This flexibility allows for a higher level of wearer comfort whilst maintaining a smaller clothing kit.

(Image: FLTLT Greg Hinks)


Modern Materials

Innovating with the most modern materials and methods allows us to develop fabrics that perform and support in the field without being restrictive or adding extra weight. Our fabrics are extensively researched to ensure they provide multiple levels of protection in each and every layer. From flame-retardant knit fabrics to hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres, our innovative materials create more comfortable, safer and healthier garments for all wearers.

(Image: LCPL Riley Blennerhassett)

Reinforced Design

Using heavy-duty materials and heavily reinforced stitching, we perform focused research and thorough material testing, from abrasion resistance to mechanical strength and temperature extremes, to ensure our products maintain their form and strength. Most importantly, in combat zones, our reinforced designs reduce injuries caused by small fragments, so we implement continuous batch testing and performance monitoring to ensure consistent quality.

(Image: CPL Nicole Dorrett)

Reflective Adaptation

Our Research and Development team have extensive knowledge in camouflage, dyeing, finishing, printing and near-infrared technologies, making them leaders in the creation of materials that support both disruptive pattern and reflective identification. 

(Image: LCPL Riley Blennerhassett)

Integrated Storage

Closely collaborating with external parties, ADA creates integrated load carriage systems that include pouches, field packs and platforms that are capable of carrying Mission Essential Items (MEI) in close combat environments. With the continuous development and investment into research, our designs are created fit for purpose under field applications without compromising ergonomic factors. Independent testing provides assurance that our products last under pressure.

(Image: SGT Andrew Sleeman)

Our Clients

Launching in 1912 as the Commonwealth Government Clothing Factory, Australian Defence Apparel has over 100 years designing and manufacturing uniforms for all arms of the Australian Defences. Instrumental in creating the iconic digger look, we continue to produce iconic apparel that serve to protect and support our services in all roles. From dress uniforms to camouflage, foul weather gear to Load Carriage Equipment our research and development team work with both the Australian Defence and the New Zealand Defence to produce customised solutions for all deployments.