Palmerston North’s building its case as our Defence Force capital — along with nearby bases, it now has a new warehouse home to the nation’s military uniforms.

After 31 years in the Air Force, Shar Carson knows all the tips and tricks to putting together a tidy uniform. Now she’s using her experience to help kit out the front lines.

Today, she showed 1News around the new warehouse, storing nearly 300,000 items to support around 12,000 Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.

“Some get eight pairs, some get five. They’re very well catered for, there’s a shoe for every purpose,” quality and compliance manager Carson said.

The new distribution centre is bringing in dozens of extra jobs and mayor Grant Smith said it was a boost for the city.

“It’s pretty huge. Fifty-five jobs but also the multimillion-dollar build and possibly more to come,” Smith said.

Australia Defence Apparel New Zealand chief executive Chris Dixon said “conversations are underway” with emergency services about storing their uniforms at the Palmerston North hub too.

“We won’t be stopping here. We see opportunities in law and healthcare, fire and other first responder sectors in the industry,” Dixon said.

But for former Air Force personnel like Carson, her new job is a chance to continue serving the country.

“The thing is, when you join the military you are in it for life. It’s something about being part of a family and a camaraderie built within that. This job enables me to be connected, and still close to that.”