In a historic partnership between ADA NZ and the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), a remarkable transformation in apparel systems for NZDF personnel is set in motion with the opening of the first refurbished store at Trentham Military Camp Clothing Store. This momentous event not only modernises the clothing management system but also elevates the operational readiness of NZDF.

The event, held on Tuesday 26th September 2023, was inaugurated by ADA NZ representatives, Program Director Sarah Pender, and Kate Maloney. Expressing gratitude to ADA NZ and NZDF for entrusting them with the task of transforming the clothing stores as part of the NZDF Wearables Supply and Managed Services contract, Sarah Pender emphasized the commitment to efficiency, precision, and excellence in clothing systems.

“Inaugurating this refurbished store is a testament to our unwavering commitment to better equip our Defence personnel and enhance their operational readiness, ultimately contributing to the safety and security of our nation,” stated Pender. Kate Maloney, who played a pivotal role in the store’s opening, added, “Today, we are not just unveiling a physical structure; we are symbolising our shared vision of a future where our Defence personnel have access to the very best in clothing management.”

ADA CEO, Chris Dixon expressed his pride and support for the project. “This is a monumental moment for ADA and the NZDF. We are committed to modernising our facilities and providing the best possible support to our Defence personnel and the teams who support them,” Dixon said.

John Bird, Clothing Coordinator of the Trentham Military Camp Clothing Store, shared his insights into the significance of the occasion. Bird remarked, “My passion for ensuring that our Defence personnel have the best clothing and gear to carry out their duties is what keeps me going. I find it immensely rewarding to support those who serve our country; every customer is important.” He said.

As part of the Trentham opening event, an exclusive first-look tour of the newly refurbished site was offered, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to witness the state-of-the-art facilities up close.
Tony A. P. McQuillan, Director, Defence Equipment Management Organisation of Defence Logistics Command of NZDF, expressed his excitement about the upgraded Trentham Clothing Store and ADA’s commitment to modernising facilities.

McQuillan stated, “The opening of the upgraded Trentham Clothing Store is an exciting milestone in the partnership between ADA and NZDF. It is a clear demonstration of ADA’s commitment to investing in modernising our facilities to enhance the user experience of our sailors, soldiers, and aviators.”

MAJ James ‘Jim’ Maguire, Officer Commanding Trentham Regional Support Centre, also shared his perspective on the event, highlighting the importance of adapting to the new generations of personnel needs and requirements.
Maguire said, “This shows that we’re prepared to adapt to the new generation of soldiers, sailors and aviators, who bring different skills and expectations to the job. Expectations of the future of new recruits, I believe, will include more support and a more welcoming environment to the job and for a supply store like ours.”

Brigadier Rob Krushka, Chief Joint Defence Services, commented on the partnership, saying, “This opening event marks a momentous occasion as we celebrate our partnership with ADA NZ. Together, we are committed to supporting our service men and women and fostering a thriving community.”

The opening of the refurbished Trentham Military Camp Clothing Store is just the beginning of ADA NZ’s efforts to enhance the clothing management experience for NZDF personnel. Further upgrades and improvements are anticipated across other Camps and Bases in the coming months, reaffirming the commitment to delivering excellence and efficiency.