The New Zealand Defence Force will receive the latest fitted uniforms and equipment under a new partnership between Australian Defence Apparel New Zealand and Australian 3D-scanning technology company, Bodd.

The Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) subsidiary will work with Bodd’s real-time scanning technology to provide instant sizing matched to each service personnel’s measurements.

By matching the scanned proportions of a recruit against the inventory of every item of clothing they require for their duties, a unique database is developed as part of their NZDF record.

The 3D scanners are manufactured in Australia through a Bodd partnership with Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions.

The technology is expected to drastically reduce resource requirements and significantly speed up traditional manual fitting processes, according to ADA chief executive officer Chris Dixon.

“ADA’s partnership with Bodd is instrumental in delivering on our commitment to combine leading textiles and new technologies to solve apparel distribution challenges,” he said.

“This revolutionary digital fitting technology allows for a seamless user experience, as it drastically reduces time required for fitting and kitting of defence personnel. We are excited to be rolling this out first to the NZDF this year.”

ADA is expected to make the digital fitting technology and its benefits available across military, law enforcement, healthcare, government, and corporate industries.

Bodd co-founder and chief executive Rob Fisher said in the future, NZDF will have optional access to additional data regarding health and wellness information which can be derived from a scan session.

“This is one of Bodd’s first military deployments, following successful implementations globally across a range of protective and government services. We are incredibly excited to be rolling out with a local defence partner right here in our own backyard,” he said.

“With our world-class technology, we can size a recruit to an incredible degree of accuracy. From 30  to 45 seconds of scanning, they can be fitted head to toe, from combat clothing to service dress  uniforms, including footwear and accessories.

“It’s almost limitless what you can do.”

By: Robert Dougherty – Defence Connect