Integrated Solutions

Uniforms are not an ‘easy’ category to manage for an organisation. Their importance – to brand, to performance, to morale, to safety, even to the bottom line – should never be underestimated.

Total Apparel Management streamlines our expertise in uniforms of all types into one perfected process that encompasses every aspect of research and development, design, innovation, sampling, sourcing, manufacture, ordering, inventory management, warehousing, dispatch and reporting.

An Integrated solution that meets your organisation’s unique needs means:

  • reliable, repeatable quality
  • a one-stop, end-to-end service for all uniform requirements
  • an accelerated design, development and prototyping phase
  • a process that takes the pressure off your HR and procurement staff
  • savings in the time and money required to create or reinvent your uniform wardrobe

Research & Development

ADA embeds the conditions for innovation through its culture. Every staff member has a responsibility to contribute to the ideas, research, and exploration that are a part of our everyday business environment.

ADA invests heavily in the research and development aspects of uniform design and materials technology. We continually question how things are done to find originality that can be translated across design, materials, trims and chemistries. When we find it, we protect it: ADA is one of the few uniform companies that both recognises and regularly patents the genuine innovations it has created. Contact us to find out more.

Product Design & Development

ADA’s in-house design team is comprised of a unique cross-section of design skills across technical and creative design fields such as fashion, industrial, graphic, fabrication and manufacture. When we assign them to an individual customer brief, the cross-category innovation is evident.

A uniform design brief focuses on customer requirements, but overwhelmingly these are about people: keeping them safer, making it easier for them to do their job, increasing their level of comfort – everything that goes into a ‘fit-for-purpose’ uniform wardrobe. We take great pride in the ability of our designers to create uniform innovations that help us meet or exceed our customers’ briefs. Contact us to find out more.

Online Systems — Fit, Order, Dispatch

ADA’s systems make it easy for our customers to distribute even the most complex uniform wardrobes. Internally, we’ve developed a flexible, scalable online ordering platform to meet the needs of the many types and sizes of customers we service.

We tailor your individual customer portal to your business model (branches, cost centres, business units). Real-time, direct access to live order data via the portal enables nominated managers to monitor and control spending against budget, access order history and patterns, run queries and extract data for analysis. Contact us to find out more.

Local & Offshore Manufacture

ADA owns Australia’s largest dedicated uniform manufacturing facility. Based in Bendigo, Victoria, employing more than 100 people, its capabilities allow us to produce rapid sampling for new uniform wardrobes, short runs for immediate delivery, and made-to-measure uniforms.

ADA operates a sourcing hub in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in conjunction with Logistik Unicorp. Its services include small production quantities, along with fabric and garment testing for our global operations. Globally, our network of ethical manufacturers and suppliers stretches through the United States, Canada, Germany, China, Indonesia and Tunisia. We work with the best in the uniform space, no matter where they are in the world... Contact us to find out more.

Contract Management

Long-term partnerships benefit both ADA and our customers; over time, forecasting and stock management become more accurate and therefore more cost effective. Your contract manager becomes a key part of this, staying close to your business so that we can respond quickly to changes and understand what your plans are for the future.

Your business will be supported by a dedicated team of customer service representatives who are based in our Melbourne head office. On the phone or in person, you will find them knowledgeable about your business and the technical aspects of range, fit and wardrobe. Contact us to find out more.